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  • What is "Web Check-in"?

    Web Check-in is a self service check in available online.The service is available from 24 hours until 90 minutes before your flight departure time.

    This service enables you to:

    • Check-in for yourself and the passengers travelling with you
    • Complete your personal details required by the customs services
    • Select your seat on the plane
    • Print your boarding pass

  • Who can use web check-in?

    You can check in online when your journey begins with a Gulf Air scheduled flight or includes a connecting flight on Gulf Air.

    This service is offered for flights departing from several airports.

    The web check-in services is not available for the following categories of passengers at this time:

    • Unaccompanied minors
    • Passengers with an extra seat
    • Passengers with a duplicate booking
    • Passengers on a wheelchair or stretcher
    • Passengers with paper tickets
    • Rebate passengers with staff and duty tickets

  • How to check-in online?

    To check-in online you have to follow these steps:

    1. Identification
    2. Booking selection
    3. Passenger selection
    4. Confirmation
    5. Personal data update
    6. Boarding Pass printing

  • Do all airports accept the home printed boarding passes?

    No, some airports do not allow the home printed boarding pass. However, web check-in speeds up the check-in process and eliminates the need of standing in long queues. The below table specifies each airport policy.

    Note: For airports which do not allow home printed boarding pass, you can finish your check-in process online and collect your boarding pass from the check-in area at the airport.

    Airport Name Airport Code Allow home printed boarding pass?
    Bahrain BAH YES
    Abu Dhabi AUH YES
    Addis Ababa ADD NO
    Amman AMM NO
    Athens ATH YES
    Baghdad BGW NO
    Bangkok BKK YES
    Beirut BEY NO
    Cairo CAI NO
    Chennai MAA NO
    Colombo CMB NO
    Dammam DMM YES
    Delhi DEL NO
    Dhaka DAC NO
    Dubai DXB NO
    Frankfurt FRA YES
    Islamabad ISB NO
    Jeddah JED YES
    Karachi KHI YES
    Khartoum KRT NO
    Kochi COK YES
    Kuwait KWI NO
    Lahore LHE NO
    Larnaca LCA YES
    London LHR YES
    Manila MNL YES
    Mumbai BOM NO
    Muscat MCT YES
    Najaf NJF NO
    Peshawar PEW NO
    Riyadh RUH NO

  • How to complete the Identification step?

    The Indentification step requires you to retreive your booking, you can do so by entering the following information:

    • Family name: as it is written on the booking confirmation
    • Departure Airport: The airport name where you take the first plane of your journey
    • A form of identification: One of the following:
      • Gulf Air Booking reference: a 6 letter code you find on the booking confirmation. Example ABCDEF. Please note it must be the Gulf Air booking reference, not the travel agent’s reference.
      • ticket number: A 13 digit number starting with 072 (e.g. 0722422475859)
      • Gulf Air Falconflyer: If you are enrolled in our Falconflyer programme and it is mentioned in your booking, then enter all 11 digits without spaces or dashes. Example 14659811002.
    The identification step will be successful only if the form of identification is present in the booking. The booking reference and the ticket number are the best choices, as they are always present in the booking.

  • What is "I want to check additional passengers in" used for?

    If you are traveling with friends or family, by ticking this box, you can check-in together even if you have different booking codes. Please note that a maximum of 9 passengers, can be checked-in at one go.

  • Some passengers cannot be selected, why is that?

    Either the passenger is already checked-in, or requires extra-services which is only available at the airport. These passengers are displayed for informational purposes, but no modification can be made for these passengers.

  • What is "add another passenger" functionality?

    If you are traveling with other people, that are on the same or different bookingcode. You can add them in order to check-in at the same time and select seats together. These passengers must have the same journey and class of travel as you.

  • Why doesn't my Falconflyer number appear in the confirmation step?

    The Falconflyer number is only displayed if it already included in the booking. If you cannot see it, it means that it is not in the booking. You can add it by clicking on the "add 
    Falconflyer" button.

  • Why can't some flights be selected?

    Some flights are on different airlines and cannot be checked-in online. You need to go to the airport to check-in these flights.

  • Why do I have to provide my personal data?

    Customs of each country require certain data about the passengers to allow them to enter the country. This data needs to be entered before allowing you to board the plane. You can use the web check-in to enter the data yourself, in order to save time at the airport. If you don't have the data, you will still be checked-in but you will have to provide the data at the airport in order to collect your boarding pass(es).

    Gulf Air does not use the data provided for any other purpose than to fulfill customs requirements. Your data will not be stored nor used once the custom process is completed.

  • Why can't I print some boarding passes?

    Some security requirements may forbid us to print boarding passes. In this case, the security reason is displayed next to the passenger name. You are still checked-in and you can collect your boarding passes at the airport under completion of the security requirements.

  • How can I select a seat?

    To select a seat, you have to select a passenger on the left column and then select an available seat on the seatmap and confirm the seat.

  • Why isn't my seat change being validated?

    It may happen that while you were selecting your seat, another passenger requested the seats you selected. In this case, another seat has been allocated to you. You can go back to the seatmap to request another seat.

    Another reason is that you swapped seats between the different passengers in your group. You should instead keep your seats and change them when you are on the plane.

  • Why doesn't my Frequent flyer programme appear in the list?

    Only Gulf Air and Gulf Air partners' Frequent flyer cards can be used on the journey. If your frequent flyer programme does not appear in the list, you cannot apply for miles on this journey.

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