gulf air kicks off annual ramadan iftar meal box distribution initiative

Thursday, May 31, 2018
Gulf Air Kicks Off Annual Ramadan Iftar Meal Box Distribution Initiative

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain – 31 May 2018: Gulf Air, the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national carrier, has once again kicked off its popular annual Ramadan iftar meal box distribution initiative – which is now in its fifth year. The initiative centers upon members of the airline’s workforce volunteering to ensure the safety of drivers on the road and facilitate the breaking of their fast by distributing iftar meal boxes at various locations around Bahrain each week during the Maghreb prayer.

Gulf Air’s Ramadan iftar meal box distribution initiative receives much positive feedback from the public every year. This year, the national carrier will distribute approximately two thousand iftar meal boxes throughout the holy month of Ramadan as one of its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Gulf Air is committed to giving back to the local community. The national carrier’s staff who volunteered to participate in, and ensure the success of, this initiative reflect a broad cross-section of the airline’s workforce, both locals and expatriates, coming together to embrace the true spirit of giving that is associated with the holy month of Ramadan.