Trainee Engineers

Trainee Engineers program is a tailored comprehensive programme of intensive on-the-job training for Bahraini nationals who wish to pursue careers in aviation as Aircraft Engineers. The programme provides National University and/or Technical High School graduates or equivalents with access to a respected and established career as licensed Aircraft Engineers. The programme invests intensive training including theoretical training, on job training and relevant work experience to meet the assessment requirements for an EASA Part 66 accreditation. Upon its completion, the programme provides the potential engineers with a globally recognized accreditation. Aircraft Engineers undergo a complete on-the-job training for two years. The programme aimed at developing the skills and capabilities of Bahrainis to ensure that they receive the right and sufficient type of training in order to allow them to achieve their desired professional goals and objectives.


For more information contact Gulf Air recruitment team on:

  • +973-17-33-8096
  • +973-17-33-8147