Technical and Operations

Gulf Air Technical and Operations team consist of professional and experienced people who work together on the ground and in the air to operate Gulf Air flights safely and efficiently from the various destinations on the Gulf Air network. You will find more information about the different areas of operation in the below links.

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Ground Operations


Opportunities arise from time to time in our Operations Division for non-pilot positions. The Division co-ordinates the complex flight operations of the airline, covering all aspects of crew and resource management, route planning, flight dispatch, flight following and control, flight safety, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, training, emergency planning and other operations functions.


Airport Operations


The services offered at the airports on our network, whether provided directly or through handling agents, form an important part of the overall travel experience we offer. The Airport Services Division is responsible for a range of diverse operations that help us meet our customer's expectations, while maintaining international standards on aircraft safety, security and occupational health. These include ensuring that our aircraft are at the right place at the right time, sorting and loading baggage and cargo, aircraft cleaning, and co-coordinating push-back of our aircraft on time.

Airport personnel perform a range of vital functions in a dynamic and busy environment, where they are responsible for the safe and cost effective operation of flights from the various destinations on the Gulf Air network. Airport Managers in particular are required to manage all the resources at their disposal to meet international performance and service standards and ensure compliance with regulations and benchmarks.

Customer services

Airport lounge hostesses and special service agents work to ensure the highest levels of customer care and service to customers with varying needs. Individuals in these positions will have an understanding of the relationship between customer service and the image of the airline and the importance of consistently good customer service and what it entails. These positions require people who share a passion and commitment to service within the framework of Arabian hospitality.



Technical Services

Technical Services is divided into four main areas.

Line Maintenance Line Maintenance is divided across two sections, namely Maintenance Control Centre and Line Stations.

  • Maintenance Control Centre

    The Maintenance Control Centre MCC is the nerve centre of the line maintenance organisation; it is responsible for keeping track of all GF fleet in operation. The MCC keeps tracks of all GF fleet and coordinates with key units throughout the operations, maintenance and engineering activities so that maintenance, when needed, can be planned, coordinated and expedited to minimise delays and down time. The MCC locates and dispatches the necessary personnel within the company who can provide whatever maintenance, troubleshooting, or parts assistance that is needed to support the operational phase of the activity. Teamwork and decision making strategies are also being enhanced within the Integrated Operation environment, where all parties involved in the A/C operations are working together to protect the operation.

  • Line Stations

    Staff at line stations ensure that the aircraft are technically airworthy and safe for flying. The engineers and mechanics at our line stations are licensed with appropriate type rating, and approved by the regulatory authority (BCCA). The number of engineers at each station varies according to the size of the operation and the flight movement for that station. In some cases line stations are outsourced to other operators but subject to approval by BCCA.

    In addition to servicing Gulf Air aircraft, our engineers service the aircraft of other airlines at various stations, thereby generating additional revenue for the airline.

Reliability & Performance which acts as a "barometer" to measure the effectiveness of Gulf Air's Maintenance Programme in line with the regulatory authority requirements.

Quality Assurance measures the overall effectiveness of the quality control system in order to establish an adequate level of confidence in the system. The audit programme ensures that Gulf Air activities and contracted functions are in compliance with company and regulatory authority requirements, and covers line stations, technical facilities, aircraft, overhaul agencies and maintenance departments and facilities.

Technical Contracts and Projects handles contract negotiations with suppliers of new equipment, and is responsible for drawing up the technical specifications for new aircraft and equipment.