The Gulf Air team works together to provide the best of services to our customers. You will find more information about some of our corporate departments and their roles in running the airline in the below links.

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The Financial Divisions plays an important role across the airline, embracing a huge range of disciplines.

Primary activities:

  • Implementation of financial policies of solvency, integrity and accountability.
  • Ensuring that all financial activities of the company are properly managed and governed according to appropriate internal control procedures and are accurately recorded and accounted for.
  • Provision of financial support to other divisions in the company and their planning and budgeting business decisions.

Human Resources

The role of the Human Resource Division (HR) is ensure that we have the right mix of people and skill sets to support the business, and just as importantly to proactively and strategically optimise the use of our human resources across the business. This role is matched by the company's commitment to empower the people who work at Gulf Air, helping them to achieve their personal career aspirations and full potential.

The Division is responsible for all aspects of personnel management undertaking planning, recruitment, development and training, all of which are carried out in accordance with the internal policies, rules and procedures we have developed.

In addition to maintaining all personnel records and contracts, the Division also manages the grading and salary systems and is responsible, in conjunction with the respective departments, for annual salary reviews, employee benefits and schemes.

HR is manned by individuals who have a strong sense of team work and an intuitive understanding of people.


Gulf Air Medical Services commenced its operation in 1976, and is located at the Headquarter in Muharraq. It plays a vital role in providing primary, ambulatory medical, dental and emergency care to Gulf Air, associated companies and their entitled dependants. It carries out pre-employment medical examination to all newly hired staff, as well as specialized medical examination to the flying personnel in accordance with the civil aviation requirements.

In addition to the above, GF Medical Services conducts an on-going occupational health programs to safeguard and promote the health of the employees, ensuring compliance with the Labor law and local & international legislation.

In order to ensure that passengers reach their destinations safely, GF Medical Services provides general advice on travel health and clearance of sick passengers to travel. It replenishes the First Aid and Emergency Kits on board the aircraft to ensure that all GF aircrafts are equipped with medications in accordance with the law.

These services are rendered by 21 highly qualified and trained team of aviation, occupational & family medical specialists and others to a population of around 1300.

It also contained an in-house well-equipped medical and food laboratory as well as in-house pharmacy with a wide range of medications.

Information Technology

Gulf Air's Information Technology Department (IT) works in collaboration with our partners to ensure that we use the best IT products, services and skill sets to support our strategy and future.

Our vision is to deliver innovative business solutions and state-of-the-art technology, focusing on efficiency, quality service and cost effectiveness whilst ensuring that business processes and continuity are engineered to the highest standard.

The in-house team works in conjunction with several global industry partners to define and implement short- and long-term IT policies, strategies and plans, managing costs while improving operational efficiency to meet the airline's overall corporate strategy.

Corporate Communications

The Corporate Communications Department is the hub of communication in the airline. The department manages and communicates to internal and external audiences, including staff, investors, industry partners, the media and stakeholders.

Communications to staff cover all developments affecting the business, and include staff newsletters, magazines, emails, intranet communications, road show presentations and events.

Gulf Air's products, services, operations and activities are of special interest to the public. Our team handles all media related issues, including interviews, journalists' enquiries, press briefings and conferences, and familiarisation trips. We also use events as a forum to communicate with customers and key stakeholders.