In September 2003, Gulf Air introduced the first of its now legendary Sky Chefs to serve passengers in the First Class cabin on the predominantly long-haul routes operated by Airbus A340 and A330 aircraft.

The Sky Chefs, all of whom have trained and worked at fine dining establishments, come from all parts of the globe, bringing a wealth of diverse culinary expertise and innovation to the inflight dining experience.

Today a team of more than 100 Sky Chefs share the passion of delivering award-winning gourmet food and exceptional personalised service to our Falcon Gold Class passengers in a unique dining experience.

Recruitment Process

 Interested candidates should apply online.

You are required to attend the interview in formal business attire. Females should preferably wear a suit with a knee length skirt.

Please bring along with you:

  1. Passport copy (your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months)
  2. Two passport size colour photographs
  3. A full-length colour photograph
  4. Your CV
  5. Your high school certificate and any other educational certificates
  6. Any references

If you meet our selection requirements, you will be invited for an assessment consisting of a full day of interviews.

In most cases, you will be informed of the outcome of your interview on the same day.

Career Development

 The chefs we hire are fully qualified and have already been trained at some of the world's top restaurants. We do not offer a chef training programme. However our Sky Chefs will receive inflight training prior to flying.

Before you start flying, you'll undergo an intensive six week training programme in our training school in Bahrain. It covers everything from first aid, safety and emergency procedures training, customer service, on board product knowledge, cultural awareness, teamwork, assertiveness training and grooming standards. This consists of both theoretical classroom instruction and on the job training. There is plenty of opportunity throughout training to demonstrate the skills you learn in our mock-up aircraft.

At the end of the six weeks, assuming you've reached all the required standards, you'll be awarded your “Wings” as a full member of the Gulf Air team and be ready to start flying.