We offer highly attractive remuneration packages, including a full range of generous benefits. Our benefits are just a part of our commitment to you, and evidence that your success and peace of mind are important to us.

The range and level of benefits varies according to your position within the company. The benefits associated with the position for which you are applying, will be made clear during the recruitment process and upon commencement with the company.

Here are some of the typical advantages that we are able to offer to all staff:

To keep you healthy

Gulf Air provides primary medical care to all staff from its medical facilities conveniently located at its Bahrain headquarters in Muharraq. With a team of aviation medical officers, nurses and dentists dedicated to looking after the health of you and your family, you can be assured of the best quality primary medical care. In fact, once you have been fully screened and assessed by a Gulf Air doctor or nurse, prescribed basic medications will be dispensed to you free of charge. If required, you will be referred to a specialist medical professional.

Medical care also includes a 24 hour worldwide emergency medical assistance programme for certain groups of employees.

Emergency dental care is also available on-site if the need should ever arise. Alternatively, you will be referred to a dental practitioner at a location convenient to you.

To provide you with airline privileges

Working for a world-class airline means you're entitled to world-class airline privileges too. Starting with concessional airline tickets for yourself and certain family members, we will honour these upon your individual requests. An additional annual leave ticket will also ensure that you get the opportunity to go home every year at our expense.

If you'd rather be globe trotting around the world to new and exciting destinations, then discounted air travel with Gulf Air and various other airlines are just the thing. Giving you the choice of a worldwide network of travel destinations, what more could you want. Just to go that one step further, we even offer the option of having the ticket costs deducted from your salary.

Another travel advantage we have to offer is cargo concessions for those essential items that need transportation around world.

To help you build financial security

We at Gulf Air understand the importance of financial security, and therefore have put in place various options that will give you the best possible start, such as offering you a generous tax free salary. We know that additional expenses can add up quickly, so we have introduced allowances to assist you where possible.

As recognition for your commitment and contribution throughout your career with us, we offer an end-of-service benefit dependant on your length of employment.

To protect your income

Total financial security cannot be achieved unless you have the assurance of protection for your income. With this in mind, we provide a safety net of comprehensive life insurance - applicable 24 hours a day. In addition to this, personal accident insurance (with worldwide coverage 24 hours a day) guarantees peace of mind for you and your family. Your income protection needs are completely met with salary continuation for minor sickness or injury, ensuring no loss of income in unfortunate circumstances.

To provide you with time off

Gulf Air understands the importance of a true work/life balance. Therefore, to reap the rewards of your hard work, we offer generous annual leave entitlements in conjunction with the flexibility to take unpaid time off (subject to company's discretion). In addition, paid sick leave is also our way of ensuring you get the rest you need in order to get back on track with the least amount of stress possible.

Additionally, there are numerous public holidays throughout the calendar year.

To make your life easier

Gulf Air offers a whole variety of services to make your life that much simpler. From subsidised sports and social facilities to keep you fit and entertained, through to discount shopping for those of you who can't resist a good bargain.

A comprehensive list of on-site services such as cafes and food delivery, a 24 hour dry cleaning operation with discounted rates, telecommunication provider, duty free shop, and mail service all mean you'll never have far to go with all this right at your doorstep.

On top of all these services and benefits, we also offer discounted insurance for your personal belongings.